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In today’s world everyone has a smartphone. Everyone takes videos and photos on a daily basis. But what if you wanted take a photo or a video that looks cinematic. That can only be achieved if you use your camera in manual mode. It might seem daunting at first switching to manual, a lot of options to choose from and that’s why we made this e-book with the help of @iamstefanrand

To help you make the right choices from setting up your camera to choosing the right camera software for manual mode all the way to a quick introduction on how to use smartphones to edit the beautiful content you have created.

This is only a quick short guide. So make sure to head over to to check out the full course “Smartphone filmmaking”

Meanwhile here are the five reasons why mobile phones are great:

1.They are capable of recording High Definition Resolution images of up to 4K
2.Small enough can be carried anywhere.
3.Slow motion. Most phone now have slow motion of up to 960 fps. A very important tool for telling your stories.
4.Lenses that are as wide open as F stop 1.5, allowing more light to reach the sensor and take shots in low light situations. Also that gives you beautiful depth of field, in other words blurrier backgrounds.
5.Manual control, most apps give you access to manually focus you shots, or do an exposure track. Focusing the viewer’s attention in a shot is a very important filmmaking tool.